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The Phab Club meets every Friday evening at the Phab Centre 11 Sheraton Mews Sheraton Close off Bushland Road from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The activities on offer are Bingo,Cooking,Computers,Painting,Planting Bulbs into Flower Pots,Quizzes and Snooker.

The club is run by John Franks,Jacqui and Mark Haynes,Dave Jackson and Darren Cowley.

The volunteers are Claire and her friend Abi and Hannah Jackson and John Sturgess.

The Minibus Drivers are Geoff Brown and Ian Laundon and two extra drivers Aidan and Ivan.

Also the three people in charge of the computers are yourself, Darren Cowley and myself.

I have been coming to the Phab Club since July 1997 when my previous club the Tri Care Project at Blackthorn Community Centre packed up as the couple who ran it moved to Spain. I also attended two YMCA Clubs the Triangle Club and Interact. They too packed up. Now the YMCA is being demolished.

The Phab Club started out in loaned rooms in 1963 and in 1982 bought the old Headlands Lower School Canteen off Northamptonshire County Council and on 14th December 1984 the Phab Centre was officially opened by Steve Davis and Tony Meo.

Then in September 2004 the Phab Club held a sale and sold off all the Centres contents except the Rolf Harris painting and Snooker Table. Then the old prefabricated building built in 1950 was demolished and we temporarily used the Emmanuel Church Coffee Shop while the new building was being built. So on 9th June 2006 the new centre was used for the first time and on 11th September 2006 the new centre was officially opened. It is owned by Orbit Housing Association. We are very pleased of the new centre.

By Phab Member of 10 years 1997 to 2007.


Jon Gardiner





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